About Me

Hi there! My name is Amanda, but I go by Boofer as well.

I live in California, and have recently graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science degree in the Correctional Program Support Services. I am now taking my Master’s of Science in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. I love reading, writing, drawing, photography, and walking/hiking.

My favorite types of books include Christian, sad romances, thrillers, fantasy, and even manga. My favorite authors include C. S. Lewis, Nicholas Sparks (I own all of his books), and Dean Koontz. When it comes to manga, if it looks and sounds good, I will read it!

Not only do I enjoy writing my blog posts, but I also love writing little short stories as well. Though, I will probably never share those as I do not think they are good enough! As of late, I have been writing the dreams I have in a storyline format.

The things I love to draw are people. It does not matter if they are real human beings, or fictional characters. I have tried painting people, as well as use oil pastels, but that just is not my forte. However, I do like to add just a little color to my pencil drawings using colored pencils!

The photos I enjoy taking are anything nature. I love seeing the beauty that God has created all around, and I just want to capture it all. This is why I love to go walking and hiking as well. I love to be surrounded by anything nature, or really, anything I see God in.

I have always considered myself a Christian after all. But I never had a relationship with God until 2016. Now, I walk with God on a daily basis. I hope that my blogs are insightful for you, and that you will be able to take away something from them! After all, we are in this walk together!

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