When Waters Rise

I took this picture about two weeks ago. This lake is the same one I was baptized in back in 2019. One thing you should know about me is that I LOVE any body of water, I don’t care if it is the ocean, lakes (like this picture), rivers, even ponds. There is just something about water that brings forth an array of emotions. There was this one time I broke down crying in the middle of a store just because I have seen a picture of Jesus on top of rough waters. I used to wonder why that was? In fact, I used to wonder why there is something about water to me in general. I think I know now.

Remember in Matthew 14, when Jesus walked out on the water and Peter asked if he could join Him? I all too often feel like Peter in those moments. There was a huge storm going on at the time, and the waters were rough. Peter did not care, however, as his eyes were on Jesus. In that moment that Peter took the first step out of the boat and onto the water, the situation around him did not matter. Haven’t you ever felt that way? God can call to us in the boat, in our safety zone, asking us to come to Him in any situation, and not to fear. We obediently comply and step out in faith, away from our safety zones and into the unknown. Who cares, though, our eyes are not on the unknown but on the living God. He is with us, we have got this, we can walk on water. Then something happens.

Peter took his eyes off Jesus for one second and paid attention to the wind blowing. The wind must have created some big waves for Peter to take his eyes off Jesus. But what happened when he did? Peter became afraid and started sinking. His eyes were now on the situation around him. Oh, how that has happened to me so many times. The moment we take our eyes off Jesus, the guy who can calm the storm with his hand, is the moment that the situation seems to become out of control. The waves are building and going over our heads as, like Peter, we call out to God, “Save me! Help Me!”

When Peter started sinking, where do you think Jesus was? Was He far off a bit, waiting for Peter to come to Him? No. Jesus was so close to Peter in that moment that when Peter called out to Him, all Jesus had to do is reach out His hand and pull Peter up. No matter what situation we are in, even when we stumble and take our eyes off the one who truly matters, He is right there with us. He will never let us drown, just like He did not let Peter drown. He is so close to us that He could touch us. We need not fear, even as waters rise. He is with us, and He is watching us.

Did you know that before Jesus walked out on the water towards His disciples, He was watching them?

He saw the disciples straining at the oars because the wind was against them. Shortly before dawn, he went out to them, walking on the water…

Mark 6:48

Jesus saw his disciples straining against the wind and waves. He sees us struggle with our situations. When he sees us, He comes to us, tells us not to be afraid it is Him, and calms us. It had to have calmed Peter; I cannot imagine why else he would want to walk on the rough water towards Jesus otherwise. I think this is the reason I love water.

I see a lake, the ocean, ponds, and rivers, and I am reminded that our God sees us, He calms us, and is with us. I am reminded that no matter what I am going through, no matter what I am facing or will be facing, He is right there with an outstretched hand close enough to touch me. I never have to doubt that He is with me. I hope you will not either.

2 thoughts on “When Waters Rise

  1. This is so true, back in 2016 I was drowning with floods of emotions, struggling with depression, I cried out for God to save me, all he asked was me to say three words out loud and I refused as I believed if I did not hear myself saying it it didn’t happen, it wasn’t true. So for five horrible days I suffered by my own hands. Then I went to my bathroom mirror and said out loud those words he needed me to understand “my sister died” the pain was ten fold and I broke I never cried as hard as I did that day, he let me feel that way for only about 15 to 20 minutes then he saved me he gave me peace after those minutes and took my depression away, that day he stopped me from drowning. Thank you Lord Jesus for always saving me.

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