What Do You See in Your Reflection?

When you look at your reflection, whether it be in a mirror or water, what do you see? I do not mean your physical appearance because if you are like me, there may be some physical things you do not like. I think a lot of people go through that. What I am talking about is what others may see in you. What do you see in yourself?

You may not realize it, but people may notice more than you think. I have been told in the past that to see how another person is, I should watch them at a grocery store. The reason being is because their actions speak volumes there. What is in their basket? How do they treat the employees? Do they help another that cannot reach an item? Are they polite to others? Are they rude to them? Do they make some fun while grocery shopping?

There was this one time that I saw a person, walking down the ice cream aisle singing, “Ice cream and cake and cake. Do the ice cream and cake” as he was doing a little jig all because he saw ice cream cake. What does that tell you about him? What does it tell you about the person that will not get off the phone as an employee is talking to them? Every little thing we do can make an impression on another. Whether we realize it or not. And then, because of these first impressions, others may get to know us.

I love the fact that the more and more you get to know someone, the more of their soul takes physical form. You look at them, and you no longer see their physical aspects: the color of their hair and eyes, the shape of their body, their piercings, their scars, blemishes, their muscles, makeup, facial hair, tattoos, etc.  No longer do you see the things that shaped your first impression of them. Instead, you see them for who they are. Instead of seeing their physical appearance, you see their personality, their mind. They become more beautiful and unique than you initially thought of them. This can have a negative effect as well. Some people may turn out to be conceded, mean, selfish, and not care about others. Yet others may prove your first impression right and truly be friendly, sweet, nice, loving, etc. You see more and more the way they are, how they treat others, whether they serve or want to be served, and how they spend their time. This goes to show the importance of one’s heart.

Our actions, words, and even thoughts are a reflection of who we are. It is a reflection of where our hearts lie. So, when you look at your reflection what do you see? Do you see a loving, caring, sweet person that wants to help anyone in any way they can? Or do you see someone who wants the best for themselves? That wants to be the best, have the best, and do the best. Maybe you see what you are and do not want others to see it, so you do and say things that are not who you are only to make others believe that it is who you are? All of these reflections show what is in our hearts. It shows a servant’s heart, a selfish heart, and even a fearful heart.

I think it is important to think about, only because we are representatives of Christ. We are reflecting God in our attitudes, words, and actions. Or we should be. It depends on where our hearts are at. Is God first? Is yourself? Maybe fear is? Others can see where our hearts are at by the way we live. They see it in our actions, our words. Are you living for God, putting Him first? Because this will lead to a servant’s heart that is loving and puts others before yourself. And this can be seen by others like your reflection in a mirror is clear to you.

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

Proverbs 27:19

Photo by Jeremy Vessey on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “What Do You See in Your Reflection?

  1. Well said, Amanda. I think you said your name is Amanda.Messing this up would be a poor reflection of me! I observed a young woman once (could have been a guy just as easily) being curt with an employee at a bank. She had a Christian-themed shirt on. As I recall it read, “God’s love never fails.” Of course, this could have been me as well. I admit, I’ve not been Christ-like in public before. But seeing the young lady who didn’t act like what her shirt said was a real wake up call.

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    1. You got the name right lol! But I think we all have those times where we’re not all that christlike, I have had plenty of those times. The wake up calls come in handy and become helpful. Because we’re all growing in our walk😊


  2. I like the grocery store idea. But today would not have been a good day for anyone to look at me because I ran in the store just to buy mozzarella cheese that I forgot for my lasagna LOL.

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  3. I pay attention to people in public, the car that will stop to let someone cross the parking lot, or a taller person helping someone get something off the top shelf, a stranger complements another stranger, someone listening to a cashier holding back tears but just listens and comfort her the best she can. Sure I seen the other way as well but I chose to focus on the good because I see a lot of good in the world among us humans, I also try my very best to be a reflection of Christ and at times I fail, but I won’t stop trying to have people look at me but see him.

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  4. So True…We all need to take a look at ourselves and stop passing judgement on those we don’t even know. Judgement is for God, not for us here on this Earth.

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