The Perfect Time

I like the book of Ecclesiastes, about King Solomon’s reflections looking back on his life (some of which was lived apart from God). It is a wonderful book that shows life without God is meaningless. But there is one verse that stands out to me.

Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. – Ecclesiastes 11:4

Here is some context: Wind would make it hard to plant seeds, as it would blow and fall anywhere, even on uncultivated land. What a waste of seed that could have grown into wanted and needed produce, right? Then clouds accumulate and make what? Rain. Who would reap what they sow during rainfall? It is better just to wait for the perfect time to sow and reap, right? But the point Solomon was making in this verse and those around it is that life involves risk and opportunity.

We cannot wait in the “what if’s.” Waiting for the wind to die down, or clouds to disappear because what if it will happen here soon result in our inactivity. Because let’s be real, how do you know when the time is perfect? The wind could die down long enough for you to think that it is safe to spread seeds, but then it kicks right back up again as you’re planting. Accumulating clouds almost always results in rain, but when? How long are you going to wait to see the rainfall? What if it does not come? Not only that but once it starts raining, how long will it last? We will not get anywhere in our inactivity.

Back in 2016, I came to God. Yet, I never got baptized until 2019. It took me three years of waiting for the perfect time. For about the first year after coming to God, I genuinely did not think I had to be physically baptized because I knew I was already spiritually baptized. But the two years after that, I learned. And God placed it on my heart to go and be baptized. But yet again, I was inactive in those two years. The reason? I wanted it to be perfect, the perfect time and place. I could not have it done in a hot tub inside a building, it needed to be outdoors, in a natural lake for me to think it perfect.

Here is a picture I took of my town’s lake! Fun fact: This lake is the one that was used in the 1998 Parent Trap movie.

The thing is, if we wait for the perfect time, we will never act. How did I end up getting baptized in 2019? In my town’s man-made lake, where there were even floaties behind me. It was not how I initially wanted, though it most definitely was close. But guess what? That is my most cherished memory. It was beautiful. There was a handful of individuals being baptized, and the people that came to support, the music, the companionship, and just the togetherness of it all made it such a wonderful time. It was truly a physical image of the body of Christ to me. And honestly, if I was allowed the chance to go back and change anything at that time, I wouldn’t. But can you imagine what would have happened if I still held off waiting for the idea of what I thought a perfect baptism was?! I would have missed out on that wonderful time.

You see, life has no guarantees. There is no such thing as the perfect time, place, or perfect condition. Why haven’t you joined a church yet? Are you waiting for that perfect church to come? What about baptism? Why haven’t you been baptized yet, especially if you hear God calling you to do so? Is it because you are waiting for that perfect time and place? Why haven’t you read your Bible yet today? Waiting for the perfect time to do so? Maybe you feel led to reach out to this one person God has placed on your heart for whatever reason. Are you waiting for the perfect moment to do so? Stop it.


Do not ever wait for conditions that may never come. Take up the spirit of trust and adventure with God-directed faith. The results will blow you away! Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Featured Image by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

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