Does Sin Reign?

I’m reading the book of Romans right now. I just recently finished chapter 6, about being dead to sin and alive in Christ. Can I just say, sin is serious. I understand we know this. But I mean, Jesus gave HIS LIFE to free us from it. Not only that, but the suffering Jesus went through before dying on the cross! That’s what would have happened to us, so to speak. Really, it should have been. But he did it to forgive us. To break the chains of sin that binds us. To reunite us with God.

Jesus took his life in place of ours. He loves us that much. Because of that, we are no longer ruled by sin. We can now choose to live for Christ. Every moment, when faced with temptation, we have that choice. Do I commit this sin, or do I flee and live for Christ? So, let me ask you:

What about that one sin of yours that is just so hard to shake or has become a habit to indulge?

I am asking because I want two things on your mind right now as you read this post. That sin, you know what sin you are dealing with. And the severity of it. I want you to want to overcome it.

See when I studied Romans years ago, I read my application study Bible. This Bible pointed out many key points on how to overcome sins. And it’s what helped me with my habitual sins and any other sin that I become aware of that has the potential to become habitual.

In fact, I always write these key points down in any new Bible I get. To help me in the future as well. Because we’re always going to battle with our flesh. Anyway, it is these key points I want to share with you all.


This, to me, is identifying the sin that plagues us. We can do this by prayer and reading the Bible. We can ask God (this is actually what I have asked anyway), “Father, check my heart. Bring to light what it is that needs to change. What is it that is preventing me from reaching the full potential I have in you?”

God will answer, by using many different outlets. It could be directly, his Word, the Holy Spirit, a friend, ect. The more we read the Bible, the more we learn what is and what is not sinful. All this making you aware and identify what it is that needs working on.


So, you identified your weakness. Now it is time to put your thinking cap on. What is it that leads you to that sin? Remember that temptation itself is not a sin. The things that tempt you are not necessarily sins. But they are what can lead to sin.

For example, it can be the romance section at a book store. It could tempt you to buy the not so innocent books. Someone you follow on social media. They could tempt you to be envious. An ungodly friend, who could tempt you to indulge in any sin they partake in. A television show that tempts you to become obsessed (idolizing it). A music artist, whose music tempts you to dwell on the worldly. Shoot, maybe your computer as a whole, can’t miss referencing the big common sin of porn, right?


We recognized the temptations. So, now what? Honestly the past me would have made an excuse, “yeah I know this causes me to sin, but I’ll just do something about it tomorrow.” Excuses open the doorway for continuation. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Because, guess what? Tomorrow never comes. No, we have to stay away, and start now. Trash those books. Don’t walk down that isle at the book store. Unfollow those people on social media. Cut ties with that friend. Stop watching that show. Stop listening to that artist. That computer? Trash it.


Clean slate, right? You cut off and are staying away from the sources of your temptation. It drives you crazy at times, though, doesn’t it? You go to the book store and see that section. You miss that friend. That artist came out with a new album. That new laptop looks awfully nice too!

Self restraint requires two things. It requires the Holy Spirit in us, and our own choice. See, Jesus understands. He empathizes with our weakness, was tempted himself, but never sinned (Hebrews 4:15). So what did he do? He left us with help to overcome. He sent the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit teaches us and reminds us of everything God taught us in the Bible (John 14:26). The other thing is our own choice. We have to decide to depend on God. We have to decide to draw upon the power and strength we have been so freely given in Christ through the Holy Spirit! We have to listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice saying, “Don’t do it.” Because if not, we’ll be controlled by our whims, hardening our hearts, and walking down that book section, contacting that friend, getting that new album, and purchasing that new laptop.


I have come to find that what helps me provide restraint, is the habits I develope, and how I choose to spend my time. I start the day in my Bible app, doing a plan. After I do the plan, I reflect on it in prayer as well as ask for God’s guidance in the day to come. Then I hop out of bed. Throughout the day, I talk with Him. Not necessarily in prayer, just kind of like he is right beside me. I hope that makes sense. Then at bedtime, I open my physical Bible. I read one chapter, and then break that chapter down. I ask God to give me insight with each section of that chapter. Writing down and highlighting anything He makes known to me. Then I go into deep prayer about what he showed me, about the day, my loved ones, and God himself. Sometimes I fall asleep in prayer, but honestly I see that as falling asleep with Jesus right beside me. These are the habits I’ve developed.

Joining a Bible study, volunteering in church and the community. Or, really, doing whatever God is leading you to do in this time is beneficial too! Because really, how can you think about your temptations or what you cut out of your life when you are in continual prayer, reading the Bible, at Bible study, volunteering in youth ministry, helping your community, or doing whatever it is God has led you to do?


For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. - Hebrews 4:15‭-‬16 

“To help in time of need.” He is your friend and counselor. Be confident that he has the power to do all you ask. You can pray, right then, and there when faced with temptation. Ask for help. He will provide his grace to help you in time of need.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
- 2 Corinthians 12:9

“My power is made perfect in weakness.” This should give us courage and hope. As we recognize our limitations, we will depend more on God. More on God, and less on ourselves. In admitting our limitations and weaknesses, we affirm God’s strength. And we are able to do anything through the one who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).


The last key point, the peace of Christ. Do not be mistaken, Christ’s peace is not like worldly peace. It is not the absence of issues, troubles, or problems. Nope, far from it. Jesus’ peace gives us confident assurance in any circumstance. Sin may be at war within us, but the peace of God restrains it and offers comfort in place of it. This peace comes from trusting God to work everything out in a way that’s best for us as we fulfill our role in Him. Let God’s peace guard your heart against sin as sin keeps your focus off Jesus.

Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.
- Romans 5:1

So let me ask you this again: What about that one sin of yours that is just so hard to shake or has become a habit to indulge? You do have the power of God within and beside you. He loves you so much, and he just wants you to lift your wrists out of the chains of sin he’s already broken. Why keep your precious hands in the mess of broken chains? This sin no longer has you confined. Lift your hands, get up, and walk away.

Do me a favor. Write these seven key points down were you can see them all the time. Shoot, even turn them into your phone background. Whatever it takes to help you remember!

– Identity your personal weaknesses.
– Recognize the things that tempt you.
– Stay away from sources of temptations.
– Practice self-restraint.
– Consciously invest your time in good habits and service.
– Lean on God’s strength and grace.
– Let the peace of Christ fill your heart.

3 thoughts on “Does Sin Reign?

  1. Great post, booferchick! Much meat of the Word here to digest. I love the summary at the end. You’re right, this should be wallpaper on my phone! Your post sent me searching for the following scripture–also from Romans: “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.” Romans 13:14 (NKJV)

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